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Seed Bed Harvester/Harvest Aid

When customers in the agricultural industry require custom-made equipment for harvesting, it's important to pick a trusted manufacturer with a proven track record of success. Our team of experts at Lee Shuknecht & Sons, Inc. was contracted to fabricate a seed bed harvester for an agricultural client. With 40 years of experience in engineering, developing, and manufacturing harvesting systems, our company was a perfect fit. This three point hitch mounted harvester featured a blade and chain to pull crops out of the ground. These crops were then transferred to a picking belt to allow for packing into boxes or bins. This harvester also featured a hydraulically controlled chain and picking belt. When completed, this harvest aid met all of our clients' specifications and also our own high standards for excellence in agricultural products.

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Seed Bed Harvester/Harvest Aid Project Highlights

Three point hitch mounted
Uses blade and chain to pull product or plant out of ground.
Product is transferred to a picking belt to allow the packing of product into boxes or bins
Hydraulically controlled chain and picking belt speed
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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