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Feed Wagon Rebuilding and Repair for the Agricultural Industry

Feed wagons or mixer wagons are responsible for accurately weighing, mixing, and distributing feed for all kinds of farm animals including dairy cattle. Their workings can be quite complex, and to do their work effectively they often are rebuilt or repaired, two services Lee Shuknecht & Sons, Inc. have been providing to the agricultural industry for over 30 years. Lee Skuknecht applies all their welding and metal fabrication skills to auger repair and re-flighting, stainless liner repair and replacement, and repairs of discharge doors. We can also be counted on to troubleshoot and repair if necessary, including components such as bearings, discharge chains, magnets, and mixer knives. We specialize in feed and mixer wagons from Roto-Mix, Kuhn Knight reel augers, and vertical screw mixers. For this and many other value added services, contact Lee Shuknecht and Sons today.

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Feed Wagon Rebuilding and Repair Project Highlights

Project Scope
Feed Wagon Rebuilding and Repair
Equipment Repaired
Auger Repair and Re-Flighting
Stainless Liner Repair and replacement
Discharge Door Repair
Roto-Mix Mixer Repair
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
Kuhn Knight Reel Auger, Vertical Screw Mixers

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