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Plow Rebuilding and Repair for the Agricultural Industry

It is widely held that the plow is the most important agricultural implement invented since the dawn of history. Because they work in tough conditions turning and breaking up soil, burying crop residues, or helping to control weeds, they are regularly rebuilt and repaired, services that have been developed over 30 years at Lee Shuknecht & Sons, Inc. Moldboard plows are quite common in agriculture. They completely turn the soil from a depth of about 8" to 14", either driving topsoil under the soil or mixing it with the soil. These operations are abrasive and moldboard plows often either wear out or are damaged by rocks. Plow bottom components consist of wear parts like shares and landsides, which in addition to the moldboard and frog, can all be rebuilt and repaired by the metal welding and fabrication experts at Lee Skuknecht & Sons. Tailwheel repair and rebuilding are also available, all to customer specifications. Lee Skuknecht specializes in providing these services for International and White plows.

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Plow Rebuilding and Repair Project Highlights

Project Scope
Plow Rebuilding and Repair
Equipment Repaired
Plow Bottom Rebuilding
Plow Frog Rebuilding
Tailwheel Repair and Rebuilding
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
International Plow Rebuilding and Repair
White Plow Rebuilding and Repair

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