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Custom Onion Harvesting Equipment

At Lee Shuknecht & Sons, Inc., our custom onion harvesting equipment is still our original and most popular product line, but since 1974 we have evolved into a multi-faceted agricultural equipment manufacturer.

Custom equipment is available for every step of the planting, harvesting, sorting, cleaning, and packaging process. These systems include onion planters, harvesters, pullers, finish toppers, and multiple types of handling and packaging equipment. All are designed to be used with a single operator and to eliminate the labor-intensive operations that plague the onion growing industry. Our equipment is designed to be gentle on onions to prevent bruising and damage. Mechanized harvesting allows growers to compete in the face of increasingly high labor costs, while our innovative equipment is capable of harvesting fresh stock quality onions. Variable height toppers can process dry or green onions in multiple sizes and soil conditions with maximum efficiency. We also offer custom built conveyors and two way belts. These electrically and hydraulically driven conveyors have variable speed options, and are designed to our customers’ exact specifications to fulfill nearly any width and length requirement. In addition we fully support our onion harvesting operations with standard components that include single and three bed rotating bar pullers. Roller and blade onion toppers are also available for the removal of surplus foliage after harvesting. We offer custom designed pick-out tables and sizers, which can work at high volumes while providing gentle, accurate operations at variable speeds. Side dump bodies for trailers and trucks are also available. These products feature flotation tires, low sides, heavy duty construction, and less compaction of soil.

Equipment from Lee Shuknecht & Sons is known around the globe for its reliability and innovation. For more information about our full line of standard and custom onion harvesting equipment see the table below, or contact us directly.

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