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Custom Metal Fabrication on a CNC Burn Table

For 40 years, our team of experts at Lee Shuknecht & Sons, Inc. has manufactured some of the most efficient onion harvesting equipment available. This tradition of quality enables us to provide custom metal and equipment manufacturing options in numerous varieties. We employ our state-of-the-art machinery to fabricate parts and components to our clients' exact specifications, accepting customer-supplied designs on CAD and AutoCAD files. Our machining capabilities include CNC plasma cutting, shearing, rolling and a CNC press brake to fabricate custom parts and shapes. We can accommodate workpieces in many sizes. For CNC plasma cutting, we work with lengths up to 10', widths up to 5', and thicknesses up to 3". Our CNC press brake accepts lengths up to 12', and our shear can accommodate parts in lengths up to 8', including mild steel up to 5/8" thick. Our rolling services accommodate workpieces up to 6' wide and up to ¼" thick. At Lee Shuknecht, we work hard to provide exceptional metal fabrication, and we take quality seriously. This is why we back up all of our services with thorough dimensional and visual inspections to ensure the integrity of each project and that our customers' specifications have been met.

To learn more about our custom metal and equipment fabrication, please see the following chart or contact us directly.

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CNC Burn Table Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Plasma Cutting
CNC Press Brake
Custom Bend Profiles
Shearing Service
Rolling Service
Custom Parts & Shapes
Overall Part Dimensions
Plasma Cutting:
Length: Up to 10'
Width: Up to 5'
Cutting Thickness: up to 3"

CNC Press Brake:
Length: Up to 12'
Capacity: Up to 250
Shearing Service:
Length: Up to 8'
Capacity: Up to 5/8 mild steel

Rolling Service:
Width: Up to 6'
Thickness: Up to ¼"
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
Accepted File Types
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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